BUGGABEE GARDEN News Release: 8/21/2018

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August 21, 2018
LIVERMORE, CA: Buggabee Garden is small group learning program for kids two and a half to five years old. The program boasts a smaller teacher to student ratio than that of any preschool center; one teacher for every three students. The model used for this program is centered greatly in the mission to provide children with quality early childhood education and their parents' an affordable and flexible program. 

Buggabee Garden had a soft launch in their 2017 inaugural year. The program offered a small group learning platform for a limited amount of children using primarily the Learning Without Tears educational platform. During that year the owner and creative director, Yamiletth "Mrs. Elena" Siu went on to attend training for both the Learning Without Tears program as well as Montessori training through the North American Montessori Center programs. 

As the second academic year kicks off for the Livermore location, Buggabee Garden has grown to offer additional services. In partnership with the founder of Sinai Sun Academy and it's learning program, Hoda Rashad; they are providing Livermore families with a  more robust learning curriculum. Sinai Sun Academy had previously offered families in Dublin, Pleasanton and San Ramon a Hybrid-Montessori curriculum that centered around small group learning, affordable rates, and child lead learning. 

This year as both programs celebrate a partnership in learning, Buggabee Garden will provide a morning and afternoon learning program in their small group learning format (no more than 6 children per learning group), homeschool support for families with children up to age 6, and an E-learning component available for families that want to start schooling but cannot coordinate part-time or full-time options.

Buggabee Garden's philosophy stems from the idea that "developmentally, children under the age of 6 learn best with individualized attention and [their] small group setting allows for that. Children also need a balanced and dynamic education that is personalized to their own needs as well as the needs of the group as a whole. ... In addition, [they] emphasize cultural awareness and have added bilingual learning to [thier] daily curriculum."1   

For homeschool parents of preschool and kindergarten children, Buggabee Garten offers homeschooling support during the afternoon program. The program focuses on reading readiness and preliminary math skills which are then presented in the school's typical Hybrid-Montessori format.  

Becuase the mission of Buggabee Garden is to provide a financially attainable model for early childhood education, they have added an E-Learning component to their program. For a nominal fee, families who choose to educate at home can get a window into the school's on-site educational curriculum at home, through printable lesson plans and online videos. The bonus part of the E-Learning option for families will be their ability to socialize their children with those of the regular in-house program on a monthly basis. 

Currently, there is no other small group learning preschool in Alameda County that provides this amount of flexibility and options for parents. As Buggabee Garden celebrates their second year in the Livermore community, along with a more robust program, they are offering families discounted enrollment.

For families that book a preview day and enroll before September 17th, ALL INITIATION FEES will be WAIVED.
Yamiletth Ramirez-Siu, Owner
(925) 583-5444